Have you come home from work or rather worked from home a lot that you are really tired and don’t know what sabzi to make. I personally too feel lazy to cook at home in the evenings so I used to order them on Zomato.

However, due to the worsening covid situation has imposed the lockdown in most places so it's difficult to find hardly any restaurants open.

So here I am sharing with you some of the easiest and really quick delicious recipes you can try at home.

  1. Masoor dal ki sabzi
  2. Sliced Potato
  3. Tomato curry
  4. Kheer (I know it's not a sabzi 😛 so leave it)

So basically, you need to remember all the non-sweet Indian dishes have this common initial step that is —
pour 2–3 tbsp oil in a pan, add some cumin, mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Now I am saying “some” because the quantity depends on your taste.

  1. Masoor dal sabzi- Masoor dal is that orange dal that soaks in 5mins.
    After the initial step, add chopped onion and saute for a minute until it turns transparent. Then add the asafoetida(hing), chilli powder and turmeric according to your taste. Further, add the soaked dal by first filtering out all the water. Stir and saute and salt to taste. Add little water if it looks really dry. Then cover the pan/kadhai with a lid and then wait until the dal cooks. Make sure the dal is not overcooked which means it doesn’t become too soft and soggy. After it's cooked, turn off the gas and garnish it with coriander.
  2. Sliced Potato -
    Slice the potatoes into a triangular shape and keep them on a plate filled with mineral water so that potatoes don't turn black due to oxidation.
    Take a kadhai, complete the initial step. then add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and saute. Further, add the potatoes and stir fry them so that the potato gets covered by masala evenly.

3. Tomato curry: Chop the 2 tomatoes and 2 onions in a square-like shape. Then in a pan complete the initial step and add onions and stir fry till they turn light pink. Add turmeric, chilli powder and then tomatoes after which salt is added to taste. Close the lid until the tomatoes are cooked. Finally, garnish it with coriander.
You can also try these curries with heart-shaped chapatis if you are in love but I would suggest never try it because it's really time-taking and needs a lot of patience. Khana de do bas kaafi hai yaar..kitna impress karoge. 😝

Thanks for reading, bye!

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