Have you come home from work or rather worked from home a lot that you are really tired and don’t know what sabzi to make. I personally too feel lazy to cook at home in the evenings so I used to order them on Zomato.

However, due to the worsening…

Wondering how ecologically sustainable we could get with ola and uber doing its way to commute the way around? It is high time for us to transition from fossil fuel-guzzling cars to inexperienced electric cars. Here comes our very own Indian startup “Zypp”(previously Mobycy). Zypp is an electric scooter sharing…

Accounting services provider Khatabook, Digital India’s digital Ledger cash book has received whopping $75M (about Rs503crore) in a funding round led by new investors B Capital Group along with their existing backers Sequoia Capital and Tencent companies.

This initiative kicked into Ravish Naresh’s mind while they built Kyte.ai, a digital…

Some of the interesting and thoughful quotes I want to keep in mind.

  • Truth reveals its self through self-exploration.
  • Self-trust is the basis to self-fulfilment
  • Do what you need to do before you do what you want to do. ~Nicolas Cole
  • Honour the commitment made by doing it.
  • The best…

Hey guys! This is my first post on Medium. I’m glad to share with you how I spent my lockdown days due to corona containment at home.

Now we know that corona disease is rapidly spreading across different states , it is essential for us to stay at home to…

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