Some of the interesting and thoughful quotes I want to keep in mind.

  • Truth reveals its self through self-exploration.
  • Self-trust is the basis to self-fulfilment
  • Do what you need to do before you do what you want to do. ~Nicolas Cole
  • Honour the commitment made by doing it.
  • The best relationships are always forged when two people give without expecting anything in return. It’s hard to lose if you choose to not keep score. Generosity is the true currency of friendship.
  • Being a giver is a choice.
  • Don’t be afraid to cultivate and defend your beliefs with strength and passion. Have the courage to take a stand and argue for what you believe in. Be bold!
    But have the humility to know you don’t know everything. Life goes on, circumstances change, new information shows up — whether you want it to or not. Be willing to embrace new facts and adjust your priors. You can’t force reality to fit your beliefs. But you can adjust your beliefs to fit the ever-unfolding nature of reality.

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