ZYPP-An eco-friendly option at your fingertip

Wondering how ecologically sustainable we could get with ola and uber doing its way to commute the way around? It is high time for us to transition from fossil fuel-guzzling cars to inexperienced electric cars. Here comes our very own Indian startup “Zypp”(previously Mobycy). Zypp is an electric scooter sharing and car rental service.Why spend on hefty money for the last mile commute when you can rather choose an eco-friendly option which gives away bikes at affordable prices.

Among 140 million workers who do commute for work, the distances are quite small. What do we do when you have to travel distances too long to walk and too short to take a cab? Mobycy App helps by logging into your account and unlocking the zypp e-scooters available in the vicinity by a quick QR code scan. They provide a range of tailor-made pricing for different user segments starting from Rs 2 per min per ride for occasional riders to long ride plans that cost as much as Rs149 for 24hours which is quite reasonable. They also offer premium accounts with ZYPP Prime and Zypp Keep for avid users who want to use it as per their convenience with charges at Rs 4000 for a whole month.

Zypp was built by Mobycy which is India’s leading smart shared mobility app which allows user to book two versions of self-driven single-seater and two-seater electric scooter. Its a low-speed scooter built and currently available at only certain places like Gurgaon, NCR and Hyderabad with corporate plans to scale as much up to 250k electrical cars.

Zypp claims to have more than 3000k customers alongside B2B purchasers akin to food delivery biggies in a town like Zomato and Swiggy, also not to forget Amazon amongst others for last-mile deliveries. Zypp has accomplished in establishing itself in this aggressive marketplace since the time they first started in 2017. In a years time, the expansion and scale-up have been tremendously high such that new investment is set to receive Rs 15crore from the Indian Angel Network(IAN). Not only that, the fresh fund is ready to help strengthen their fleet with an additional 5000 e-scooters in the next coming months mentioned in November 2019.

A USC study found that public transit riders’ ability to reach their nearest stop to home has an impact on the jobs available to them. This makes Zypp’s solution incredibly apt to a lot of public which can also contribute to the sustainability of fuels and pollution-free environment for the generations to come. The founders Akash Gupta, an MBA graduate from IMT Ghaziabad and Shivraj Singh, an IIM Calcutta graduate along with entrepreneur Rashi Aggarwal believe in offering new-age professionals affordable, convenient and eco-friendly connected and shared two-wheeler mobility solutions for the urban commute. This is a first-of-its-kind fully electric venture in India.They have built parking lots all over the major places for commuters to park in a safe

public place.

Zypp considers their users/riders livesexceptionally precious so value the safety as much.Hence have come up with vehicles which are equipped with anti-theft lock and alarm, side stand for parking stability and bright reflectors for a safe journey in the night time as well. Additionally, Zypp offers an option of insurance cover to users on every ride which accounts for their safety and health cover from any casualty that might occur

during the ride.

Analysing the current situation, people are getting busier and busier day by day, which has made ride sharing an indispensable feature of urban mobility. It has transformed itself into a revolution as demonstrated by a great startup like Zypp which was the much needed solution in this pollution and traffic-filled surrounding in big cities. Therefore, the disruptive idea of electric bikes surely will bring about a major change to awaken from the horrors we have wrecked upon nature.

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